A cry for help

Thoughts from Psalm 39 in the Passion Translation

David wrote this Psalm as a cry to God when he was very troubled. He is open and honest with God and is pouring out his heart. David offers some life lessons that we can all learn from.
At the beginning of the Chapter (verses 1-2), David is around his enemies and he is asking God to help him remain silent. It is so important that we watch our tongue and we do not gripe and complain, especially around unbelievers. We are supposed to be set apart and a light in the world. When we act like the world, unbelievers won’t care to learn more about Jesus because they don’t see a difference between us and them. So, be quiet when you need to be and don’t complain.
This is a lot easier said than done and David even admits it at the end of verse two. But when he cannot stay quiet any longer, David humbly prays to God (verse 4). He seeks wisdom from God in this situation. I am often guilty of complaining and talking to people around me instead of going in prayer to God. That reaction needs to change. God should be the place we turn to first. David asks God to help him know how short our lives are here on earth. Some of these things that we are so worried about don’t matter when we think about eternity. 
In verse 6, David says, “all our activities and energies are spent for things that pass away.” I think life is just getting busier and busier. It is so easy to get caught up in being “busy” with things that don’t matter or things we don’t even need to be doing. Is there anything in your life today that you claim to be busy with, but maybe you just need to get rid of? Even though life is short, and we need to be aware of that - we can do a lot with our time here. Life must be lived for God and we need to make every moment count for Him! David knows that his only hope is to hope in God (verse 7). We need to live the same way. Hope in God, and know that He will be the one to give us strength to focus on the right things and live our life the way He wants us to. 
There are two places in this Chapter where there is the “Pause”. Today, take some time to pause and think about your life. What areas of your life do you need to confess to God because you are spending time on things that don’t matter? Life is short, pause and think about what you want to be said about you at the end of your life. What do you want people to remember about you? We don’t know when our lives will end, so start living each moment as if it could be your last. If that is our attitude, how different could our lives be? How much more could we accomplish for eternity? David says in verse 12 that we are strangers in this life - just passing through. Earth is not our final destination, Heaven is. Today, I challenge you to think about and pray to God about any changes you need to make in your life so that you do not waste a moment here on earth. 

Ginny Swann

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