Allow God to speak

Thoughts from Psalms 56 & 57 in the Passion translation.

In verse 3, we see David’s immediate response to fear: he gives them to God and trusts Him. What happens when we relinquish control? David knows triumph is his because it’s in God’s hands and he praises God for his future victory. The rest of the Chapter is Him telling God how good He has been in the past, fueling David’s faith for what God is going to do! Which takes us to chapter 57…
Over and over again, we’ve seen the words, “Pause in His presence”. What I’m about to say isn’t B-I-B-L-E, but it’s J-O-Y: I believe that it was in those pauses that David truly stopped and listened to what God had to say back to Him. David knew this wasn’t a one-way relationship where David only spoke to God, but David understood that God also needed time to speak to him. Watch the shifts that happen at each pause. Through verses 1-3, David is thanking God, but after the first pause he begins to plead with God in fear. But after the next pause, David returns to thanking God, yet his opening line is, “My heart, O God, is quiet and confident.” When we allow God to speak to us, we will go from fearful to quiet and confident. When we know and experience God we can stand firm - believing that God is our shelter. So, when we do cry out for help and then listento God speak,we move into the victories David encountered. I believe victory is the overflow from intimacy, and intimacy begins when we live in constant communication received from God: us speaking, pausing in His presence, then listening to what God has to say to us. 

Joy Handley

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