Life of godliness

Thoughts from Psalm 36 in the Passion translation

David reveals the ugliness of the wicked with such descriptive words like crooked, conceited, forgotten, and forsaken. They are all words that lend themselves to self-centered living that can only lead to a life of darkness. He continues with the reverse script of what life is when we chase after godliness, when we seek wisdom. Such words used to describe this intentional living are: limitless, infinite, unmovable, extravagant, abundance. When comparing this list of words, we all obviously gravitate towards the latter, right?
Many years ago in kid’s church, I remember the repeated demonstration when we attempted to mix light with darkness, aka, oil and water. They simply don’t mix. You can stir it, shake it, or even swirl it, but when the movement stops, you’re right back where you started; two very different substances that will not mix.
Just like oil and water, darkness and light do not mix in life. We cannot live a self-focused life and walk in the blessings of God. It’s easy to read David’s description of a life of darkness and rebellion, and only think of people so horrible that their lives become stories on Dateline. But the truth is, if we are not intentionally seeking a life that honors the Father, purposeful in seeking His godly council in the way we speak to others, manage our finances, raise our children, honor our spouses, prioritize our time, seek daily moments of stillness to enjoy His presence, and live transparent lives so that anyone on the outside looking in can easily see the fruitfulness of God in our lives, then are we not falling prey to the darkness of the enemy?
Living a life that honors the Father and reciprocates His infinite wisdom requires a life set apart from selfish motives. It does not require perfection, but it does demand you make the intentional choice to follow God closely. Jentezen Franklin said it best: “If you want to make a difference, you must be different.”
Choosing a life of godliness may sometimes cause you to feel alone, but never lonely. Sometimes conflicted, but never desperate. Sometimes anxious, but never hopeless. Sometimes frustrated, but still peaceful. God is limitless in His ability to love you, care for you, and guide you through trials and storms. His wisdom far exceeds any distraction the enemy can try to bait you with. He is a fountain that never runs dry. Allow Him to be your hiding place, and under His wing you will find all you need. 

Traci Hatton

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