Embracing the power

Thoughts from Psalm 18 in the Passion Translation

This poem from David is in the Bible two times, as it appears in 2 Samuel 22. It is such a beautiful praise of how David feels about God and what God means in his life. In verse one, David is wanting to hug God because his love for Him is so overwhelming. God is truly David’s foundation, he fully trusts Him, and David finds his power in God. 

God desires to be the same in the lives of all of His people. Ladies, God loves you so much and He so wants for you to love Him and live and walk in a life that is fully confident in Him. In order for God to become the Power in your life you need to saturate your life in three things. 

The first thing we need to fill our lives with is prayer. In verse three, David calls out to God, but he doesn’t just ask for something. David sings to God and praises God. Pray to God and tell him how grateful you are for the things in your life. Live a life of praise, sing to God and worship Him. Then David asks God for what he needs in verse six. David only asks God for what he needed after he spent time praising Him. 

Secondly, spend time in the Word. David knows that God will answer him because he has stayed focused on His words (v 22). Get in your Bible, read it, meditate on it, memorize it. Spend time in the Bible daily and it will begin to sink deep inside of you. You will be confident in God because you know what the Bible says.

The third thing is live a life of obedience. David knew God wanted obedience (v 20). God rewarded him because of it. In verses 20-27, David describes why God gives help to His people. God desires for us to fully obey Him. Ephesians 2:10 TPT says we have become his poetry, a recreated people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it! With God’s help we can live a life of obedience. Will we mess up? Yes.  Will we be perfect? No. But we can ask forgiveness and have a pure heart. God will honor the obedience in our hearts. 

I encourage you, ladies, to keep doing what is right. Fill your lives with prayer and spend time in the Word. If God is not your foundation and the One you fully trust, ask Him to become that in your life. He wants to, you just have to invite Him to take that spot. 

Today, read Psalm 18:1-3 aloud and spend time praising God for who He is to you. 

David made God the rock in his life, he praises God, calls out for help, and God answers him. As the chapter continues, we see that in verses 28-42 David knows that everything he has is from God. In verse 28, David says, “You are the revelation light in my darkness, and in your brightness I can see the path ahead.” God is so incredible! When we seek and lean into God, He reveals the plans He has for us and we have to choose to follow the light on the path. Then in verse 30, David knows that God’s way is perfect, His promises are true, and when we seek shelter with God we will feel secure in His ways. We need to fully grasp the realization that everything we have is from God and give Him praise for all the goodness in each one of our lives. 

With the birth of each one of our three boys, life changed and sometimes change is very difficult for me. But in those seasons, I found that it was some of the easiest times as I looked at my beautiful children and saw the goodness of God in my life. No matter what season you are facing, your attitude toward God depends on your perspective. Life was hard adjusting to new babies; adding more children into our routine and daily life. I was tired. It was hard to find time with God. But, I chose to see the beauty in each of those new seasons. I chose to spend time with God in the middle of the night while babies needed to be fed. It was in some of those hard, tired moments that I leaned in and grew in my relationship with God. 

I have an incredible life, but that does not mean I will not face difficulties. Every single one of us will face times in our lives that we don’t know how to get through. When you feel like that is a season you are in, take time and lean into God. Know that God will reveal His path to you and praise Him in those moments. Verse 46 says, “The Almighty is alive and conquers all! Praise is lifted high to an unshakeable God! Towering over all, my Savior-God is worthy to be praised!” God is worthy no matter what. God will conquer all and when we seek Him and lean in, He will be our Power that can help us, guide us, and light the way that He wants us to go. 

Ginny Swann

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