Father heart of God

Thoughts from Psalms 60 & 61 in the Passion translation

David is feeling abandoned and questioning where God is and why He is mad at him. After a bout of frustration, David chooses to take a time out. Pause in His presence. Get out of his own feelings, and into the deep place in his heart where he knows the truth about who God is. He knows that God has not left him and has not turned against him. 
When David refocuses his thoughts, he begins to cry out to God, asking Him for His Father heart. David has known God as redeemer and restorer. He has known God to fight on his behalf. But in this moment, he needs to know God as Father.
Have you ever found yourself crying out to God with this same prayer? God, I need you as a Father. I need your Father heart. In Chapter 61, we read David’s prayer of protection, which paints a beautiful picture of the Father heart of God; safe and sheltered, paradise of protection, held firmly in your warp-around presence, continually under your splendor-shadow. 
I remember as a little girl feeling like my Dad was a giant, a warrior, the strongest man on the planet. I knew he would go to the ends of the earth to keep me safe from anything or anyone who tried to hurt me. My Dad is not much of a talker. If I had a hard day, he and I weren’t likely going to talk it out, but we didn’t have to. I just needed to crawl in his lap, his arms wrapped around me, and I knew everything would be alright. That was all that needed to be done. 
Some things don’t change with age. I am now more than a thousand miles away from my Dad. I don’t crawl in his lap the way I used to, but I still long for his Father heart for me, because I know it is a place of safety. I know that he is always for me. 
Your relationship with your Dad may have looked very different. You may not have had a dad whose lap you could curl up on, or whose heart you could lean in to. But as a child of God, your Father’s arms are always open. His heart is always for you. His Father heart for you is a place you can forever hide your life in. 

Traci Hatton

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