Filtered to perfection

Thoughts from Psalm 37 in the Passion translation

There is that one girl that you may look at and wonder how her life is so perfect, how she has everything, how she gets everything, it’s all so easy for her and she doesn’t even love Jesus. Wrong. It’s not perfect. No life is. We have all heard the saying, “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, which leads straight to the word “comparison”. Comparison is a thief of joy and it’s always one sided. You find yourself comparing your non-highlight-reel moment to someone’s highlight-reel moment. When we think of moments that are posted on social media it’s usually someone’s best-filtered moment. A Pinterest meme that I found read, “Behind every girl’s selfie is approximately 37 nearly identical photos that just didn’t make the cut”. Isn’t that the truth? And the one that makes the cut is filtered to perfection.
You see, King David is telling us to not follow after the wicked and think they are better off than us. I think we can benefit by stretching this to not think that anyone is better off than us. Each of us started out as a hot mess, and had a choice to choose Jesus, and slowly but surely - He is working on all of us. We can stop taking our eyes off someone else’s grass, and start watering our own. The enemy wants us to get sidetracked by caring about what other’s lives look like and it distracts us from focusing on God and what He wants to do in our lives. Without proper care of our hearts we won’t be ready for what is to come.
We know that God is no respecter of persons. Because He is good, He has good for each and every one of us. The Passion Translation has the word directly translated further to roll over your burdens to the Lord. And then it states that those trusting God will find that it is all worked out perfectly. Being a new creation in Jesus will bring us new desires and new dreams. And, without us even knowing that God is working, we begin to desire what God had intended for us all along. God doesn’t fulfill desires of the flesh. He fulfills desires of His children but He doesn’t stop there, He delights in it. Our desires are from a good heart that is tethered to His. His heart is soft, tender, and pours out love.
Quiet your heart and pray.
Be still.
Be still and Know.
Pause in His Presence.
Declutter. It’s time to clean out the junk that is holding you back from your true focus. King David mentions for us to not fall into anger, envy, and revenge. Throughout the Psalm he states attributes of those who do not follow Jesus, and unfortunately, they can also be clutter in the lives of the ones who do follow Jesus. You see, just like we made a choice toward our salvation, we have to choose how we are going to live it out every day. Are we going to live as a light in a dark world? Or, is our light dimming the longer we are in this dark world? We must choose to live in close proximity to God, to abide in His shelter, where He has redeemed us, forgiven us, and set us free to live in peace. He will promote you at the perfect time. The favor that God gives to His children isn’t fair. It’s abundant and He pours it out freely. God delights in blessing His children. His overwhelming love for us outpours in blessings and goodness.
King David said to truly dwell in the presence of the Lord forever we must forsake evil and do what is right in God’s eyes. The choice is really ours. Are we choosing to delight in His ways? Are we choosing for our story to be different? Each of us are here to make a mark on this earth. What are our marks saying?
Take your eyes off of what you others have, or what they are excelling at, and fix your eyes on Jesus. He has a plan for you. We know God is never going to forsake us. We know how the story ends. God wins. Every time. Which means we will win - because we choose to follow Him and to be intentional in our walk with Him.
Heavenly Father, thank You for the wisdom that flows in this Psalm. I want my story to be different! I ask you to whisper to me what needs to be decluttered from my heart and my mind. I want my focus to be furthering my walk with You. I want my steps to be directed by You, I know Your plan for me is perfect. I trust You to take my hand and lead me today. I want my every word, every step, and every action to possess Your heart. I choose to live in Your shelter, to walk in peace, to speak with care and wisdom, and to rely on You as my strength. I am choosing to be still in Your presence and to soak in Your love. I want Your ways to be embedded in my heart so I can point others back to You. I want Your kingdom to build because I choose to be a God-lover and to live it out. I love You, and today I choose to be a vessel for You. 

Yuri Perales

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