Gratitude of Grace

Thoughts from Psalms 49 & 50 in the Passion Translation.

Psalm 49 tells us what not to do, but in Chapter 50 Asaph tells us what to do. The first few verses are Asaph talking to us, but then in verse 7 after we “Pause in His Presence”, Asaph begins to prophetically write words from God to us. All Scripture is God-breathed, but these particular verses are literally a prophetic Word from God as He tells us what He desires. 

God desires our “true and sincere thanks,” and He tells us we show Him gratitude by keeping our promises. Isn’t it amazing to think that the God of the universe desires forusto keep our promises to Him!?! It’s amazing to think that we honor God by trusting Him. I think for so many of us, we think of trust and honor in two different realms, but God wants us to put our trust in Him and that gives Him honor! To be honest, I’m a control freak. I like control. I like to be incontrol. So when my “day of trouble” comes the first thing I do is try to control the issue. Of course, on paper it’s easy to say I trust God. But, I notice my instinct is to control, and isn’t it foolish of me to think I could do a better job than the Creatorof all things?? Obviously that’s insane, but it takes a minute for me to realize just how crazy it really is. I desire to honor God, which means I must choose to trust and not control. Then in verse 23 God tells us the kind of life that pleases Him. I don’t know about you, but I want my life to be pleasing to God. So, what does that look like? 

“Gratitude of grace” - I believe that God’s grace is so much bigger and grander than sin management. Once we get past grace just covering our sins, we get to experience grace for our entire lives: grace for wisdom, grace for raising your family, grace for finances, the list goes on and on. When we live in gratitude of the grace God pours out on us, we grow in our desire to “walk with (Him) in what is right”. God tells us that it’s going to be a sacrifice, but the sacrifices we must make pale in comparison to the sacrifice He made for us. Then, because God is good, He promises us that when we do this, that “more of (His) salvation will unfold for you!” 
In another Psalm it says “increasing salvation”. Some people call this “sanctification”, but what it actually, it’s God making us the person He created us to be by molding and shaping us. The love of God, the grace of God, and the goodness of God draw us to Him - helping us to desire to have more salvation unfolded for us. Basically, we walk in the light more and more because we shed the darkness more and more. I believe that the more salvation unfolds for us, the more layers of God we experience to make us more grateful, which compels us to go to a higher level. It’s a never-ending circle of promise and goodness from God because one thing will lead to the other. Today I encourage you to start in the gratitude of grace and begin the cycle. 

Joy Handley

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