Pause in His Presence

Thoughts from Psalms 9 & 10 the Passion Translation

How many times have we wondered where God was? Or why people who hate God have a “better” life than we do? Why do we have to struggle while “evil” people succeed? How many times have we told God, “Let us give vengeance because obviously you don’t care!” There was a time in my life that I struggled in a particular relationship. This person spoke evil about me, talked about how awful I was, etc. etc. I was wondering how God was fighting on my behalf or where He was in all of this? Then, we were together in the same room and I could see the person but they couldn’t see me and God asked me something. He said, “Joy do you know how much I love you?” Of course I said, “Yes, I’m Your favorite.” Then He said something that will stick with me forever. He said, “I love that person the same.” I sat there for a second, a little annoyed because I was better than them, (obviously), so He should love me more! But, then this overwhelming sense of God’s love and grace came over me and I was so grateful that His love is the same for those of us who love Him and for those who don’t. His love for each of us is unique - but the same. That’s how good God is.

See, even King David had enemies (9:3), faced death (9:13), was humiliated (9:13), and people hated Him (9:13). There were times when He wondered, “God when are you going to deal with these evil people? When are you going to fight for me? Where are you?” God’s shoulders are big enough to handle our questions, but we can’t stay in that place. King David told us how to get triumph, and here’s a hint: God doesn’t need to change, our posture does. Are we in a posture of praise or protest? We know God loves us, so why wouldn’t we want God’s love and grace to be there for our enemies? How you feel about that question will indicate where you’re at: praise or protest - trusting God or questioning His character. Praise brings triumph. Begin to posture yourself by worshipping the God who loves you and fights for you. Worship and gratitude do the work of posturing our hearts and aligning them with God’s heart - and we begin to triumph. See, triumph isn’t an outside victory, but an inward one. Because once we have triumph in our hearts, it’s only a matter of time before we face triumph in our situations. God is fighting on your behalf, but do you believe it? Posture and align yourself with God by worshipping Him. In the book of Joshua, we read about a warrior who led his people into victory. But, over and over we see him posture his heart to God through worship. Because he worshipped God with all he had, he knew he could ask anything of God, and God would do it. That’s when we see Joshua ask God to make the sun stand still for them to win the battle, and God did. See, when we posture our hearts with God through worship, a confidence rises in our souls that tethers our hearts to God. “Lord, I will worship you with extended hands as my whole heart explodes with praise! I will tell everyone everywhere about your wonderful works and how your marvelous miracles exceed expectations! I will jump for joy and shout in triumph as I sing your song and make music for the Most High God!” (Ps.9:1)

Twice this passage said, “Pause in His Presence.” For us gals, it’s hard to pause. But, set a timer and for the next two minutes, clear your mind and pause in His presence. Then head over to our Spotify (link at bottom), and begin to worship the God who truly loves you, is fighting on your behalf, and loves your enemies. And, if you want to go a step further, pray for them. Pray for your enemies to encounter the love of God and find His grace. 

Joy Handley

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