The Promise Maker

Thoughts from Psalm 34 in the Passion Translation

Something I so admire about David and reading his words is that he truly knew the heart of God. He had this undeniable faith that even though things were bad before or were currently bad, God was going to get him through it. If you don’t know, this Psalm was written right after David had to run away from King Saul, which was awful. The worst part? David had to flee from his best friend Jonathon, King Saul’s son. The Bible tells us that they were covenant brothers. David never had a good relationship with his brothers and he finally found a brother for life, a best friend that he had so longed for. And now, he has to hide from King Saul and wonders if he will ever see his best friend again.

What’s the thing you treasure the most? How would you feel if it was stripped away from you in an instant? Isn’t it crazy to see how David reacts? See, his best friend on earth was taken from him, but he knew what his greatest treasure truly was. As he was fleeing for his life, God was faithful to keep him safe from Saul’s wrath. And instead of looking at God and being upset for what he lost, David knew what he won. He won with God. David tells us, “take heart”. Remember Jesus’ words in John, “In this life you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world?” (John 16:33 NIV) David uses his testimony to show God’s faithfulness. Do you do that? Or, when God rescues you from one enemy do you wonder why He still allowed something you treasured to be lost? Do you look at God like He’s trying to make your life bad or realize He just rescued you from your enemy? David tells us that God will bring “his miracle-deliverance” and that angels were encompassing him helping him.

Stop for a second. Honestly, do you ever stop and think about God’s divine protection? That we have angels stopping to listen as we pray, “encircling, empowering” us? There is a spiritual realm that most of us can’t see with our eyes, but it is as real as you and me. I think if we all let that reality sink into our souls, we would worship God like David did. He told us to taste and see that the Lord is good. (Ps. 34:8 NIV) David doesn’t wonder what God hasn’t done, but praises God despite his difficulties because he knew that praise has power.

Praise changes our prospective. Praise takes our eyes from ourselves to God. Praise realigns our hearts with God’s. Praise causes us to pursue God because He is good. We want the promises of God without the praise. Look closely, David shows us the promises, but he also shows us what we have to do for those promises. What do you need today? Joy? Peace? Answers? Restoration? Freedom? Deliverance? Long, good life? Rescuing? All of those are covered in this Psalm, but there’s action on our part that’s required. Joining our life to His. Joining isn’t just salvation, it’s a choice to be near God. Hide yourself in Him. Have you ever tried to hide yourself in someone that was far away? It’s impossible. To hide yourself in someone, you must be close, you must be joined.

Do you passionately pursue the Lord or do you passionately pursue the promise? There’s a difference in wanting the promise and the Promise Maker. Adjust your heart and your motives to want God, nothing else. Are you a holy lover of God? I sure desire that, but there are days when I definitely fall short. But the next day, I pick myself up and passionately pursue God so I can be a holy lover of God. Do I make peace my life motto or would I rather gossip about someone than make peace with them? Is peace my life motto if I’m choosing to rage text my husband and yell at my kids? I want a long, good life, but am I willing to put in the work? What am I focused on? The promise or the Promise Maker? The things God has done for me or taken away from me? God’s promises are ours, we just have to put ourselves in the position to receive them through obedience. Are you willing to put in the work?

Today, I hope you begin to praise God. I hope you have divine moments of realization that there is a spiritual realm you cannot see. I hope you begin to join your life with His and hide yourself in Him while you passionately pursue Him and become a holy lover of God. I hope you choose peace, that it becomes your life motto. God is close, and He hears every cry. Start right now by talking with God and make today different than yesterday, it’s up to you.

Joy Handley

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