The Royal Wedding

Thoughts from Psalm 45 in the Passion translation

What a glorious description of the wedding of Jesus and his Bride, the church! There’s so much buzz in the news today about the upcoming royal wedding, when Prince Harry and Megan Markle will say, “I do”. The planning that goes into a royal wedding is amazing! The menu, the rehearsals, the team of designers and makeup artists, the musicians, the historic church. The list seems endless because this is the event of the year! Imagine getting on the guest list! The validation that would come with having your name on such an exclusive list!

With the wedding only days away, I’ve given up hope that I’m getting invited. This may be the event of the year, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slighting infatuated with all of it. But there’s more! We just read about an even grander event, and the best part is, we’re all invited! This is the beautiful wedding song of Jesus and his Bride!

To-do lists are my love language. As I read the beautiful words of this wedding song, I tend to see a bit of a to-do list of all the prep work that needs to happen before the wedding. If you’re married, you know this can be a daunting task because it’s all about the details. I am an event planner. It is my job to see and plan the small and unexpected details. When planning events, I always ask myself a few questions: what do I want guests to remember, what is the element of surprise, and what do I want guests to be talking about tomorrow?

I love how Joyce Meyer gives personal meaning to this Psalm. She especially focuses on verse 13 saying, “God puts the Holy Spirit inside us to work on our inner lives; our attitudes, our reactions, and our goals. Through His work in us, our inner lives can be tested and refined into an environment in which the Lord is comfortable to reside.”

How many times do we see brides focusing on all the details of the wedding, and rarely see them planning for their marriage? It’s the work of our inner lives and what it means to prepare ourselves to be a bold, supportive, confident, undistracted, and fully engaged wife - not just a beautiful bride.

This Psalm is a challenge to work on our inner selves, so that on our wedding day, when Jesus returns for his Bride, we are ready. Our hearts are available. We have invested in ourselves by taking heed to the voice of the Holy Spirit. And on that day, we will never be more beautiful. 

Traci Hatton

Design FCFC