Dreaming with God

Thoughts from Psalms 81 & 82 in the Passion translation

Have you ever been romanced by someone explaining what life would be like if you loved them the way they loved you? You would get married, have two kids - a boy and a girl, a perfect house with a white picket fence, an endless bank account, dream vacations, and anything else your heart can imagine! 
This Psalm is such a beautiful love story. I know it may not seem that way at first glance, but take another look. God paints such a beautiful picture of the life He has laid out for us if we are willing to surrender our selfish wants in exchange for His plans of greatness. When we allow ourselves to be immersed in the dream He has for us, why would we want it any other way?
Sadly, we often choose a different path. We become disillusioned by a lie of the enemy that we know ourselves better than the Creator, giving us the upper-hand in choosing the path that best fulfills us. Remember, the devil is smart. He is a planner. He is a manipulator. He will also paint a beautiful picture of what life would look like if you choose your own path, but that picture is false, and sure to leave you disappointed, unfulfilled, hopeless, and even bitter toward others who are living the life you envisioned for yourself. 
God invites us to His table to feast on everything He has for us. He promises a celebration, a festival, a feast, seasons of joy, and triumph. He goes on to remind us that he has removed burdens, freed our hands, rescued us, broken strongholds, and raised us up out of bondage. Even still, God has to follow all of this with a warning: do not worship any other god (v 8-10). For most of us, this feels like an appropriate eye roll moment. Of course, we are not going to turn our back to God and worship Buddha instead. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Anything that we idolize and prioritize above the Father, becomes a god in our lives: money, careers, self. 
After the glorious dreams, after the warnings, after hearing the cry of God’s heart, the people of Israel still chose to follow their own selfish fantasies, leaving God with no options, tying His hands from their freedom. In this moment, God says, “so I lifted my grace from off of their lives and I surrendered them to the stubbornness of their hearts.” 
Listen to the cry of God’s heart over your own life. Imagine your dreamiest life, and then be willing to surrender it knowing that God loves you enough to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you could ask or think. You may have plans that include a big house and designer clothes. God’s plans for you may not include any of that. But instead, His plans are filled with purpose and covered with grace. His plans for you include honoring your surrendered obedience and using you to be a voice to a lost world. And if your heart so desires, I believe He loves you enough to let you walk in your purpose wearing red-bottomed stilettos! ;) 

Traci Hatton

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