Believing w/o seeing

Thoughts from Psalms 108 and 109 in the Passion translation.

Faith vs. Hope
Faith and hope go hand in hand, but are very different. It’s sad how many times I’ve seen Christians think they’re in faith, but they’re actually in hope. See, you need hope to have faith, but you can have hope without faith. Hope looks to the future with a smile. Faith pulls the future into today. Hope is good. Jesus told us to have hope, but understand this: hope doesn’t change circumstances or move mountains - faith does. 
See if you can catch it: 
“I hope God heals me.” 
“God is the Healer who will heal me.”
That’s obvious, right? But here’s where well-meaning Christians mess up:
“God can heal, but if He doesn’t, I’ll be okay.”
Sense it? The doubt. The wondering. The hope without faith. 
Faith is believing without seeing. Faith is believing when everything is screaming the opposite. Faith is asking the sun to stand still like Joshua. God desires us to have hope and faith, but I want you to be careful that you don’t confuse the two. David looked at battles and trials from a place of faith, fully convinced God was going to help him be victorious! Yes, there were times where we see David doubt, but we always see him remember that he is fighting FROM a place of victory, not for victory. 
Today, I encourage you to be brave and ask the Holy Spirit to show you areas in your life that you’re living in hope instead of faith. Hope is a God thing, but we must understand its place. Hope doesn’t move mountains, faith does. God wants each of us to be mountain-moving, kingdom-building, world changers that live with hope because we know God is good. 

Joy Handley

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