Devoted to Prayer

Thoughts from Psalms 105 in the Passion translation.

This Psalm is a long praise to God for all the great things He did in the history of the Israelites. Many of us have probably heard the story of King David dancing in the streets in praise to God. His wife was appalled that a king would act in such a way. But King David was overtaken by joy at praising the Lord. Do you remember that story? You can read about it in 1 Chronicles, Chapters 13-16 if you want to.  In Psalm 105, the first fifteen verses are the praises that the people sang to God during this time. The Ark of the Covenant was being brought into Jerusalem to the place King David had prepared for it. There was rejoicing all around with instruments, singing, and dancing! It was truly uninhibited praises pouring out!  

One thing that I have noticed about the Psalms is the varying length of the Chapters. Some of the Chapters are just several verses long, and then others like this Chapter, are very long. This is a depiction of our prayer lives. Sometimes we have time to pray for long periods of time and other times we just offer up a short prayer to God. Sadly, sometimes we get so busy we say we don’t have time to pray to God, and other times we have things going on that we cry out to God for a long time.  
This is not anything new or something that you haven’t heard, but it is so important to just pray. Colossians 4:2 in the Amplified says, “Be persistent and devoted to prayer, being alert and focused in your prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving.” It is so important to be praying continually, not just when we need something. Beth Moore says about prayer, “We’ve got to go further than we’ve gone before in prayer, press harder, think higher, dig our knees in deeper.” What does your prayer life look like? Do you have devoted prayer time?
As negative as social media can be sometimes, there are a lot of positives. I follow some people who have very strong relationships with God. Sometimes they post prayers and I like to screenshot those prayers so I can go back and look at the words and pray them or make them my own. You can also Google or Pinterest a certain topic and find prayers about it. Prayer can look different to each person, but the bottom line is, we all need to be praying continually. Praise and thanksgiving are so important to prayer, but we also need to be praying bold prayers and believing our big God for the answers to those prayers.  
Today I challenge you to look at your prayer life and see where you can improve this spiritual discipline. We can’t depend on other people to win our battles in prayer for us, but we all need to be praying to overcome battles. We have access to God through our prayers and we need to start believing that and living it out!

Ginny Swann

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