Fear of God

Thoughts from Psalms 110-111 in the Passion translation.

Fear the Lord with awe and reverence
Allow God to grant you wisdom to guide you in your life.
When I think of someone who is wise, I picture an older person who has lived many years of life. They might have a long white beard and thin wire-framed glasses. But in reality, I know many people in my life who are wise and do not meet that description. The good news is we can all possess wisdom, and Psalm 111:10 tells us exactly how to do it: Where can wisdom be found? It is born in the fear of God. Everyone who follows his ways will never lack his living-understanding. And the adoration of God will abide throughout eternity.
Wisdom is so valuable for each of us because it can set us up for success; it helps us to be secure with our place in the world. We don’t have to chase after worldly things because we know God is in control. When we have fear of God it is good, because it keeps us from giving in to our fleshly desires. Fear of God does not mean that we are terrified of God or that we are scared to make a choice in case we do something wrong. Fear of God means that we are in awe of Him and that we have a deep love and respect for Him. It’s when we love someone so deeply that we don’t want to disappoint them, so we have a fear and anxiety - not because we’re afraid of punishment, but because we don’t want to displease someone we love.  
I remember a time when I really messed up and I knew my parents were going to find out about it. It was harder to face their disappointment than it was to face the punishment. That is how I feel with God. I know He loves me so much and wants the best for me so I have a fear of disappointing Him. 
I love how this translation says we will never lack His living-understanding.  Wisdom is not just having knowledge about something, but it is having experience and good judgement to know what to do. God can help us and guide us to do what is best in our lives. It is a living, walking, moving understanding of what we should do.  
Dig in deeply and seek God daily so that the fear of God will grow stronger in each one of our lives. Then we will begin to have wisdom to live out every area of our lives with confidence, knowing we are walking in the wisdom of the Lord.  

Ginny Swann

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