God of miracles

Thoughts from 114 and 115 in the Passion translation.

How powerful is the goodness of God for what He did for the people of Israel! God offers freedom to us all. When we offer our hearts to God with even just a speck of hope that we can be freed from an ungodly world, our hearts are transformed and He becomes our King. 
3 The Red Sea waters saw them coming and ran the other way! Then later, the Jordan River too moved aside so that they could all pass through.
There are no miracles too big for our God. There are no stories too messy, no pasts too dirty, no addictions too filthy, no financial trouble too scary, and no health reports too negative…
Our God can; He is a God of miracles. 
There are things we can do and there are things only God can do. Actually, God can do it all. We just have to take the steps and let Him. We sometimes get in our own way trying to figure it out on our own. 
It’s when we operate outside of our own capacity that God gets the full glory. What if we were brave enough to believe beyond our own ability and capacity? What if we were crazy enough to believe for something that only God can do? Be brave today. Dream big. Live boldly. God can not only do abundantly more than we can ask, think or imagine, He WANTS to!

Yuri Perales

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