Entwine my heart

Thoughts from Psalm 119:57-80 in the Passion translation.

David’s life teaches us so much. He teaches us how to fall in love with God, how to re-align ourselves with God after we make mistakes, and so much more. This part of Psalm 119 is no different. David tells us that even when we’re devoted we can stray from God, but it means that we get right back in the will of God, because devotion is different than perfection. We do that by constantly turning our ear to God’s voice; when we do, it keeps us on the right path. We’ve all been humbled - like David when we went astray, but once we’ve experienced the true, pure, overflowing love of God it turns our hearts to repentance. 
God cares about every single detail of our lives and He wants us to seek after Him and be led by Him in every area. He wants our hearts entwined with His so much so you can’t separate the two. Everything we are and will do is entwined with God, like a ball of yarn. So whether God is correcting us, answering our prayers, or just speaking to us, we obey because we’re entwined. If you have a deep desire to hear the voice of God on a deeper level and to be entwined with Him, start by immersing yourself in His Word. Fall in love with His written Word. Begin to entwine yourself with Him by OBEYING His Word. Like David, pray that God gives you more “revelation-light” so you may learn to please Him more. Obedience is better than sacrifice, and the more we learn to love and trust God, the easier the obedience becomes. God’s Word is full of revelation-light, but it’s up to you to seek it out for it to truly change your life.

Joy Handley

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