Love Affair begins

Thoughts from Psalms 144-145 in the Passion translation.

We’re five Psalms away from the end of this study, and just now we’re reading the Psalm David penned as he stood before Goliath. I feel like we’ve seen every season of David’s life through these Psalms, but this Psalm was the beginning. We see David’s love affair with God at the beginning, before he was King, before he was a warrior, before anyone really knew his name. I don’t know where your story and love affair with God began, but I do know we’re all going to face hard times, trials, and giants. But, how quickly do you think they would go down if we chose to declare these words that David spoke? David knew who his Savior was. We don’t know the end of our story or the different seasons we’re going to face, but my prayer as I write this last Psalm to you is that in every season, in every situation, you will cry out to God because He is good. 
In Psalm 145 we see just how great God is and our response to His greatness! You, woman of destiny, are a woman after God’s own heart. Whether this is just the beginning of your love affair with God or you’re several chapters in, go deeper. Love harder. Be more intentional. Worship more passionately. I hope you know the breadth and depth that the love of God has for you. Because, my dear daughter of the King, you are one of a kind, and there is a Savior who died to know you. Today, be known by Him. Be raw. Be vulnerable. Be the woman after God’s own heart. Fall in love with His heart so you can begin to be intertwined with it. I love you girls, and I’m so grateful you came along for this journey. You have brought joy to my heart because I know you’re on the other side of this screen falling in love with God along with me. 

Joy Handley

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