Raise the Standard

Thoughts from Psalms 140-141 in the Passion translation.

I had a Bible school teacher who regularly posed the question, “If a drunk man was standing on a street corner sharing the love of Jesus with passers-by, is what he’s saying true or not?” Ouch! Of course it’s true! The love of Jesus does not change, even when we can’t look past the source. David commits in Chapter 141 and verse five to honor rebuke and correction without an offended heart. And even if they are wrong, he will still pray for them. Wow! For most of us, receiving correction is hard enough. But in the case that the rebuke was wrong, choosing to hold back the, “I told you so”, and choosing to pray for that person instead is nothing less than the beautiful spiritual maturity that pleases the heart of God.

I wonder how often God puts people in our lives to rebuke and correct us as the next opportunity to change. I believe this usually comes after He has made several attempts to deal with our hearts, but we refused to listen. Learn to welcome correction in your life. This lesson refers back to the principle of perspective. Choose to believe that God doesn’t find pleasure in your shortcomings, but that He loves you so much that He refuses to allow you to remain the same; never growing, never becoming a better version of yourself, never raising the standard of your life in order to glorify Him. Choose to believe that He has placed people in your life: friends, family, and your spouse, who also see the best in you and love you enough to call you to a higher place. Correction is not fun, but a disciplined life honors the Father.

Traci Hatton

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