God's Perfect Design

Thoughts from Psalm 148 in the Passion translation.

I was born and raised in the south. I grew up with mountains to the north, the ocean to the left, and very large, lush green trees all around. I love nature and all its splendor: the majestic trees that dance in the wind, the mountain tops that often appear as blue as the sky, and the ocean that seems to slip into the earth’s edge. It’s glorious! I could easily get caught up in its beauty, staring for hours at the same view, not needing to speak a word, just gazing.

What could be more beautiful than nature? Nothing. Nothing except its Creator. Look closely at the detail of it all. God missed nothing in His design. Every detail was planned and executed just as He intended - the way the mountains provide a stage for the clouds to dance, and the ocean disappears into the sky. The harmony of it all is a reflection of Him and intended to glorify Him.

If He cared this much about the detail of the earth, how much more does He care about even the smallest details of your life? Just as He designed the bark on every tree and the ridges of every seashell, so He designed every detail of you - every freckle, the curve of your ear lobes, and curls in your hair. God is a lover of beauty. That’s why nature is breath-taking. That’s why you take His breath away. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Glorify God with your beauty. Don’t shrink back as to apologize for what you see as flawed. Boast of His glorious works, just as the waves of the sea come roaring into the shore. Boldly sing His praises, just as the mountain tops proclaim His beauty.


If nature sings His praises, so will I.

Traci Hatton

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