Breathe Life into me

Thoughts from Psalms 119:145-160 in the Passion translation.

“Breathe your life in me once again!” If you’re begging God to breathe life into something, that means it’s dead or dying. Are there things in your life that are dying? Relationships? Careers? Dreams? Marriages? Passion? Soul? Are you desperate for the miraculous hand of God to breathe on you and revive what looks dead or dying? God can awaken anything. You can be alive and never truly live. You can be married and feel alone. You can work but have no passion. God doesn’t desire any of that, He desires you to live an abundant life. 

It’s not that bad things don’t happen, but that our souls are thriving and active, no matter what happens in us or to us. Over and over in the Bible we see things that seemed dead come alive. In Ezekiel, we see God breathe life into literally dry bones - an entire valley of dry bones. In the gospels we see the little girl that died that was raised to life again, Lazarus who was dead for days was brought back to life. We see passion evoked into Paul, and dreams answered with Elizabeth. 
The Bible is packed with story after story where God intervened and breathed life into the dead and dying. What do you long for? Are you willing to give up control and allow God to breathe life into the dead? He is able. But, you can’t simultaneously control it and give it to God. You must decide. God can, but you must relinquish control. Ladies, God is sitting on ready to breathe life in the dead places of your life - are you ready?

Joy Handley

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